Gromphadorhina oblongonota is one of four roach species in the genus Gromphadorhina which is one of several genera collectively known as hissing cockroaches; like all members of the tribe Gromphadorhinini, they are from the island of Madagascar. They are common in the pet trade, where they are known as "Wide-horned Hissers" and their scientific name is frequently misspelled as eitheroblongata or oblongonata. This species is difficult to distinguish from the common G. portentosa, and commonly confused with it,[ though they tend to be significantly larger and somewhat darker.


A large group of Gromphadorhina oblongonota.

As petsEdit

All four known Gromphadorhina species are widely kept as exotic pets, with G. portentosa being arguably the most common. Many pet dealers, unaware of the fact that there are multiple species in the genus, classify their stock as portentosa even though they are sellingoblongonota, mixtures of portentosa and oblongonota, or hybrids of these two.


Similarity to the Madagascar hissing cockroach(G.portanosa).